5 Best Gas Water Heaters/Geyser In India

Imagine a shower in the cold month of December. The very thought of cold water is bound to make most of us shiver internally. A water heater is an ideal solution for such issues, as it heats large quantities of water for the use of the consumer.

Usually, people purchase electronic heaters, which are more appealing to look at and are the most used type of water heater. But in the modern world, due to the lack of funds of the modern man, a gas geyser seems to be the logical option. They usually cost less as compared to an electric heater, and also cost lesser while in use. The gas heaters also consume about one-third of the electricity consumed by an electric water heater. They are able to heat larger quantities of water in shorter spans of time, as compared to electric heaters. They also function during a power failure, unlike electric heaters.

The working of a gas water heater is very simple. It functions on the principle of convection, implying that warm water tends to rise, while cold water sinks. There is an inlet pipe in the heater where the water is allowed to enter the chamber. The heat is provided by the burner under the tank, and the water is heated and slowly rises, while the cold water sinks below it to be heated and rise again. The warm water rises and is allowed to leave the heater via the outlet!

The condensing gas heater model works as there is a heating unit present that is heated by the flames. The water pipe runs across the heating unit in a serpentine manner, allowing it to absorb as much heat as possible. This allows properly heated water to be produced for use. Such models are very energy efficient but tend to cost a higher amount.

The way to control the temperature is by varying the amount of gas provided to the mechanism. This is controlled by the ECU (Electric Control Unit), which can either be wireless or be attached to the system in a remote location. This is the way to control how hot the water gets.

The gas water heater is an essential buy, as it reduced the costs for heating water greatly. Kindly refer to our “buying guide” in order to clear any doubts you might have about these heaters. It is bound to help you to purchase the Gas Water Heater perfect for your needs. Also, we have listed some of the best water heaters in India that you can go for.

5 Best Geyser Water Heaters Reviews In India 

1. V-Gaurd 6-Litre Safeflopuls Gas Geyser (White)

Are you looking for a device to enjoy a hot water bath in chilling winter seasons or cool days? Then V-guard safefloplus gas geyser should be your choice.

This high-quality gas water heater has a strong build design and gives a decent performance with the help of SS burners, overheat protection, automotive ignition system, copper heat exchanger, and ultra-low pressure application system.

Water heater internally has a tank with 6 liters capacity which runs using an LPG gas and is suitable for small families. The ultra-smart and lightweight design of the geyser beautify the bathroom without appearing like a bulky device stick to the walls.

The front side of the water heater contains 3 control knobs – flame control (low/high), burner selector (winter/summer), water flow (min/max), and a power switch to turn the heater on/off as per your choice. You can operate them manually by rotating in clockwise or anti-clockwise directions for adjusting the heat settings and over-pressurization.

Geyser warms the water quickly and ensures a steady flow by supporting the entire family members. Further, the hot water can also be used to wash clothes, dishes, and other household chores at an ease.

Above all, the LPG gas water heater is backed with 1-year of warranty services from the purchased date. If you do not like the product or find it defective, get it repaired for free of cost by visiting the nearest authorized service center.

Winding up, the performance of the V-guard gas water heater is excellent and best to use in homes, lodges, guest rooms, etc due to the low-energy consumption. The body of the water heater is made of steel and copper for the heat exchanger to last longer and ensures fast heating.

The major drawback is the tank capacity which most of the customers complain about i.e. not suitable for large families (6+ members) and has limited warranty on the product.


  • Features SS burners.
  • LPG type of power source.
  • 6-liters of tank capacity.
  • Copper heat exchanger.
  • Available at cheap rates.
  • Automated ignition system.
  • Overheat protection feature.
  • Ultra-low pressure application.
  • Easy to use rotary controls knobs.
  • 1-year manufacturing warranty.
  • Stainless steel body and added safety features.


  • Small tank capacity.
  • Limited warranty services.

2. Bajaj Majesty Duetto LPG 6-Litre Water Heater (White)

What are you waiting for when you have Bajaj Majesty Water Heater. It has got exceptional features like child-lock, flame failure, and anti-freezing that makes it more special in the given list of best gas water heaters in India 2018.

Like V-guard, the bajaj water heater has come with 6-liters to match all types of users. And the heat exchanger made of copper material makes the device highly efficient and durable.

We’re impressed with the advanced combustion technology which ensures thermal efficiency and superior performance. Dry heat protection and burner settings provide safety and security all around the heater.

Sometimes, you may forget to switch off the power supply which results in overheating of the device. To overcome this issue, the geyser has come with an overheat protection feature.

The auto-ignition mechanism helps you to boil the water effortlessly in the right way. Child lock option keeps your little ones safe from getting hurt – burns, irritations when accessed to the warm water.

The oxygen depletion sensor comes in handy and the water inlet sensor detects when the water levels are too low and alert you to refill the tank. There is an option for you to set the timer for a maximum of 20-minutes (for the heating process) without any worries. Once it has reached a specific time, it will turn off automatically.

Overall, the Bajaj water is good to use at home as it completely runs using LPG gas. The manufacturer offers 2-years of warranty to build trust in customers for product reliability and performance.


  • The warranty is about 2-years.
  • Child lock safety feature.
  • Quality copper heat exchanger.
  • Autoignition and burner setting.
  • Flame failure protection mechanism.
  • Fast heating and impressive flow rate.


  • Small tank capacity.
  • The manufacturer does not offer the installation services

3. Longway Xolo Gold 7 liters Gas Water Heater

The next one on the list is the Longway gas water heater. Using this heater you can happily take a shower bath both at day and night times by setting the desired temperature.

This is the only product that has a 5-star rating in the list that follows high standards set by the BEE (Bureau of Energy Efficiency).

In response to the above-mentioned gas geysers, this Longway water heater comes with a capacity of 7-liters which is suitable for small to medium family members.

The front panel comes with a power switch to simply turn on and off of the device and 3 rotary control knobs to monitor the gas, water flow, and heat settings.

The flame failure protection feature prevents the device from power failures or overheating. It monitors the device from time to time and turns off immediately when detects the problem. The overheat mechanism ensures the safety and the battery-operated auto-ignition for boiling the water by setting to a certain temperature level.

The usage of a heat exchanger in this instant heater saves gas by 30% than the regular heater models. The inner tank is made of copper material to ensure durability and last longer.

On the whole, the performance of Longway instant water heater is quite good and acceptable. With its elegant and attractive design body, most of the customers opt for it. Also, the product comes at very economical prices in which a limited budget person can purchase the item without having a second thought.


  • Comes at inexpensive rates.
  • Overheating safety mechanism.
  • 7-liters of excellent tank capacity.
  • The tank is made of copper material.
  • Elegant and attractive design structure.
  • Suitable for both low and high-pressure installations.


  • Flawless water heater.

4. Racold 2 Liter Gas Geyser

Racold is a popular brand in India that sells water heaters and offers a wide variety of models to choose from. The company has 7-years of experience in delivering top-notch water heaters along with standard customer support services.

The one we’re discussing is about the Racold gas geyser. This branded water heater is the most simplest and convenient way to warm the water in both residential and commercial buildings.

It is specially designed with piped natural gas connections which makes it easy for the users to hang on bathroom walls and other surfaces.

Moreover, it is an ISI-certified and a good quality water heater that is available online at reasonable prices. The device allows the instant (continuous) running of hot water which is suitable for long shower baths.

As the geyser incorporates premium quality burners, it generates 85% heating efficiency which facilitates combustion. The proper ventilation racks on both sides to release the carbon monoxide gas outside carefully.

The inner tank is made of the finest quality materials which have 2-liters capacity to satisfy their domestic needs like bathing, washing clothes in hot water, etc. Overall, this is totally worth the money and can be invested once to use it on a long-run basis.


  • ISI- certified.
  • PNG type of gas geyser.
  • Well-suited for long shower baths.
  • Designed for piped natural gas connections.


  • There is no child safety lock option.

5. Activa Aqua Gold LPG 6 Liters Water Heater 

The last but one on the list is the Activa LPG water heater. This is a decent quality instant water heater that comes with a 5-star energy rating to save the power bills.

This device works efficiently and does not make noise when operated continuously for a long time. That’s why we were given the best water heater for home purposes.

Just like other models, it features a water tank, 20-minute timer, overheats protection, child safety lock, flame failure protection, and much more! Let’s discuss each specification in detail now!

The water heater comes with 6-liters of tank capacity which runs using an LPG gas. There is a separate overheat cut-off and flame failure protection to regulate the excess heat, power failures, or explosions produced in the device.

Heat exchange control knobs come with summer and winter options for heating the water quickly. The gas and water flow rate can also be adjusted as per the requirements.

Moreover, it has an extra-large burner that helps to boil the water quickly (i.e. without taking much time). The outer body is made of the material – sturdy metal to last longer and ensure greater performance.

This water heater comes with 1 year warranty by covering all the replaceable parts. But they do not provide any of the installation services which you need to do it manually by referring to the instruction manual.

If you want to extend the usage for large families then grab ACTIVA 7-liter LPG Water Heater.  It comes at reasonable prices and there are very good reviews and ratings that attract the customers to choose this water heater.

Pros  :

  • Overheat cut-off option.
  • Flame failure protection.
  • Instant hot water supplier.
  • Summer and winter options.
  • Adjustable gas and water flow.
  • High capacity heat exchanger for faster heating.
  • Durable and long-lasting power coated steel body.


  • Takes time to heat the water.


The Bajaj Majesty Duetto LPG 6-Litre Water Heater (White) is our top pick from the list of best gas water heaters in India because of its high efficiency, quality, and impressive safety features. This water heater comes from a reputed brand and has 1 years warranty from the manufacturer. It is equipped with a copper heat exchanger which makes it highly efficient. This heater comes with dry heat protection, overheat protection, oxygen depletion sensor, and child lock which makes it absolutely safe.

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