Top 5 Best Dry Iron Box in India 2021

Electric Iron box is one of the most useful and important gadgets for our daily household use. This one gadget is pretty much used for the purpose of keeping your clothes in the proper crease as well as give proper maintenance to them. In other words, we can say that this efficient appliance gives you a crisp and neat wardrobe. So, welcome to the blog where we have covered the reviews of the best dry iron box in India.

Finding the best dry iron box amongst a variety of choices is quite much difficult, especially when a range of choices is available. There are a lot of best brands for the dry iron box are available in the market. So get your perfect pick by reviewing our latest picks of the dry iron box from all the well-known brands. We have compiled the list on the basis of their specifications, iron price, as well as their positive and negative feedback from the buyers for your convenience to filter out the best options. Have a quick look at our best-picked models.

5 Best Dry Iron Box in India

1. Panasonic Heavy Weight Dry Iron Box 22Awt

panasonic-ni-22awt-dry-ironThis dry iron box will absolutely be your great choice with all the exclusive and modern features. It is a deluxe automatic heavyweight dry iron that comes with a pressing power of 6 Pounds. With 1000 Watts of power and a deluxe metal cover, this one is great for removing all the toughest creases and wrinkles in one go.

This automatic iron box comes with a big thermostatic pilot lamp and a heat-resistant cotton cord. Also, it comes with an easy-to-operate 6 temperature settings as well as a big metal temperature setting guide to iron the fabrics accordingly. Its adjustable swivel cord makes ironing more easy and comfortable. Features like Heel Rest Stand By Position, Big Secured Grip with Thumb’s Rest, and Button Hole make it the best iron box out there.

Key Features

  • Non-stick coated soleplate
  • Deluxe metal cover
  • Thermostatic pilot lamp
  • 6-Temperature settings
  • Adjustable swivel cord

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2. Philips HI114 1000-Watt Dry Iron Box

philips-hi-114-dry-ironIf you are looking for an affordable and modern looking iron box, this one will be a great choice. Get better quality and better experience with this Philips Dry iron that is very efficient to use. This high-performance iron box is very light weighted and is ideal for all your daily pressing needs.

This dry iron from Philips is equipped with the Button Groove feature that lets you reach into the tricky area of your clothes and also makes ironing easier around the buttons and seams. The Golden American Heritage Soleplate ensures easy movement on all types of fabrics.

Key Features

  • Sleek and lightweight
  • Golden American Heritage Soleplate for easy gliding
  • Button Groove feature
  • Intelligent temperature control

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3. Bajaj DX 7 1000-Watt Dry Iron

bajaj-dx-7-dry-ironThis dry iron box from Bajaj is one of the economical options with a trendy look and neat features. This one is a very handy, portable, and lightweight dry iron that gives you quick ironing sessions. It comes with a non-stick coated golden color soleplate that prevents the fabrics from sticking to the iron due to overheating. Also, its comfortable hand grip gives you a relaxed ironing experience.

This dry iron is also equipped with a double indicator system that ensures additional safety and convenience. The very best part of this dry iron press is that it comes with multiple temperature setting options so that you can customize your ironing according to the fabric type.

Key Features

  • Nonstick coated soleplate
  • Double Indicator System
  • Adjustable Temperature knob
  • Safety thermal use
  • 360-degree swivel cord
  • Compact and lightweight

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4. Morphy Richards Inspira 1000-Watt Dry Iron

morphy-richards-inspira-dry-ironThis dry iron box from Morphy Richards is a perfect combination of all the features you seek from your regular electric iron including durability, dependability, versatility, and convenience coming straight from a trusted brand. This lightweight iron is big on performance and gives effective crease removal from all your fabrics.

It comes with a non-stick coated soleplate that is easy to clean and allows a smooth gliding effect over all types of fabrics. This iron box also features a power indicator that tells you when the power is on.

Key Features

  • Nonstick coated soleplate
  • Adjustable thermostatic control
  • 360-degree swivel cord
  • Sharp Beak
  • Power Indicator

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5. Havells Era 1000-Watt Dry Iron Box

havells-era-dry-ironThis new and unique Havells Era Dry iron box is the perfect one that you need for catering to the wide ironing requirements at your home. Its American heritage coated soleplate makes the use of iron very easy and even without any worry of fabric sticking to the iron. This iron box has also been installed with a thermostat control that helps to iron the clothes accordingly.

It comes with an indicator light and temperature control for ease of use. Its comfortable grip makes you iron your clothes very conveniently for a long period of time. This dry iron is made up of high-quality PVC that gives it strength and a long life without much maintenance.

Key Features

  • American heritage nonstick coated soleplate
  • Temperature control dial for various fabrics
  • 360-degree swivel cord
  • Easy-grip fabric selector knob
  • Indicator light

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This is all about the best dry iron online in India with all their specifications and the positive and negative feedback of the buyers. Being a good buyer, it is always great to go through the consumer reviews, and their comments about the product, which is clearly mentioned in the blog. So, I hope now you are pretty clear about your choice of the best iron box.

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