Top 5 Best Instant Water Heaters In India

In the winter season, It is extremely challenging in taking those morning showers with the cold water.

Also, we feel sluggish to take a bath when the water is cold. Just install a Geyser or a water heater in your home and enjoy your bath.

Things you should consider when buying a Geyser

  • An ideal Geyser or water heater should provide us Hot water within a few minutes. At the same time, it should be very safe and not consume much electricity.
  • The size of the family proposing to use the geyser is important.
  • Contrary to what people think, the wattage of the water heater does not have any role to play in the consumption of electricity. There are other factors involved too. We shall discuss these factors before you decide on your best water heater at the best price.

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Best Instant Water Heater – Geyser

1. Bajaj Flora 3-Litre Instant Water Heater


The instant heaters are a hit with Indian families because it provides them with hot water within no time. Bajaj Flora Series is one of the best instant water heaters available on the market.

Bajaj Flora 3L water heaters are the best for getting instant hot water. It is the ideal geyser to connect to the shower. Besides the excellent performance of the geyser, it is an attractive appliance to adorn your bathroom ambiance.

The thermoplastic body ensures there is no formation of rust and thereby, makes the appliance corrosion-free.

This water heater comes with a high-quality heating element to deliver instant hot water. It is capable of handling water pressure up to 8 bars. Therefore, it is suited well for Indian conditions.

The heating element does not encourage the forming of scales or depositing of sediments. Therefore, it is best for use with hard water, as well.

The neon indicator alerts you when the water has heated up sufficiently for use. The fire retardant cable is an excellent safety feature.

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2. Crompton Greaves Bliss 3-Litre Instant Water Heater


Crompton Greaves products come with excellent safety features like a multi-functional safety valve and an advanced 4-level safety measure. It is one of the best instant water heaters in India today.

This 3L water heater is one of the handy appliances to have, as it can deliver hot water almost instantly. The ABS material makes it a rust-proof device.

The sleek design ensures not to occupy much space in the bathroom while looking elegant at the same time. The powerful copper heating element provides the highest quality of heating without the formation of scales.

This heater has LED indicators to alert you when the water is hot enough for you to switch it off.

This water heater can handle water pressure up to 6.5 bars, ideal enough for Indian conditions. The 3L capacity ensures a continuous supply of water. The single welded steel tank eliminates any kind of leakage.

This geyser comes with a 4-level safety measure such as a thermostat, restart knob, thermal cut-off, and safety valves for releasing pressure.

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3. Racold Pronto Neo 3-litres 3KW Instant Water heater


Racold is a reputed local manufacturer of water heaters in India. The best advantage of Racold geysers is that they are ideally suited for Indian conditions.

Racold manufactures a range of water heaters with capacities ranging from one liter to six liters. This 3L instant water heater is a favorite with many families because of its excellent features.

This water heater can handle pressure up to 6.5 bars, thereby making it an ideal one for use in high rise buildings.

This water heater features a high-power heating element to ensure quicker heating. The Pronto Neo comes with high-quality safety features like a thermostat and thermal cut-offs. It ensures automatic temperature control, thereby providing additional safety.

The Anti-siphon system ensures there is no backflow of water. It provides protection from dry heating. This geyser comes with PUF insulations, thereby eliminating the dissipation of electric current. Therefore, it proves to be an excellent energy-saving appliance.

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4. Crompton IWH03PC1 – 3KW Solarium DLX 3L Instant water heater


Crompton Solarium DLX is one of the best Instant water heaters for Indian families because of its capabilities to withstand hard water.

Crompton Greaves has a reputation for manufacturing excellent consumer appliances, of which this water heater should rank among the best. It comes with an ABS plastic body and a stainless steel tank to enhance the heat conservation process.

The copper heating element does not wear off during instant power cuts or voltage variation. This heater tank has a rust-free coating to improve its lifespan.

The safety features of this Crompton geyser make it an ideal appliance to have in your bathrooms. A thermal cut-off feature ensures to switch off the heating when the water temperature reaches the set level.

Thermal indicators equipped with LED lights inform you when the water is ready for a bath. The multifunctional safety valve helps to release the pressure.

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5. Havells Instanio 3-Litre Instant Geyser with Flexi Pipe


Havells Instanio is a user-friendly geyser as it comes with LED indicators that change color from blue to amber to indicate the temperature of the water. Other exciting features make Havells Instanio one of the best instant water heaters in India.

Havells Instanio features a robust outer body made of rust-proof ABS plastic. It also ensures to protect you from electric shocks. The inner tank is made of stainless steel of 304 grade. This tank can conserve the heat and save power.

This water heater can handle water pressure up to 6.5 bars. Hence, it is a favorite of consumers living in the cities. The copper heating element ensures to heat the water quickly, thereby living up to its name as an instant water heating solution.

This water heater comes with an LED indicator to indicate whether the water has become hot enough for use. It comes with excellent safety features like fire retardant power cord.

The best aspect of this geyser is that it comes with a pair of flexi pipes, thereby reducing your installation expenses.

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Points To Note

1. If you are living in a place with a colder climate, the water heater will have to work more and extra power will be utilized. A water Heater in Cold North Indian state will consume more electricity than a Geyser in Andhra Pradesh.

2. The More Amount of Hot water you use, the more will be your electricity bill. The Thermostat temperature of most of the Geysers or Water Heaters will be around 60 Degrees Celsius.

3. Water Heaters wastes electricity when unused hot water is left in the storage tank. Always switch on the water heater before use and switch it off immediately after.

4. Most of the Geysers have a thermostat setting of 60 degrees Celsius which means the water can be heated up to 60 degrees Celsius.

5. Please note that the water having such high temperatures is extremely dangerous to human skin and can cause severe first-degree burns. So, Make sure you mix the hot water with some cold water and lower down the temperature.


If your water source contains more salts (Hard Water), you have to buy a Geyser that comes with a corrosion-resistant tank. You can also install a water softener that converts the Hard water into the soft water, so there will be no damage to the heating element.

The ideal temperature for bathing is about two degrees more than the normal Human body temperature which is 37 degrees Celsius.

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