Best Mixer Grinder In India

Indian food is the only one in the world where you get a variety of ‘chutneys’.

You have the coconut chutney, groundnut chutney, onion chutney, tomato chutney, and so on.

The list is a very exhaustive one. No Indian meal is complete without a combination of chutneys.

How do you prepare these chutneys?

What is the major kitchen appliance you need for preparing these chutneys?

It’s Mixer Grinder.

Best Mixer Grinder in India

1.Morphy Richards Icon Dlx 750 Watts Mixer Grinder

Morphy Richards is a name renowned for producing quality appliances. This Morphy Richards Mixer Grinder is a durable kitchen appliance made of high-grade rust-proof stainless steel.

best mixer grinder

The vacuum feet help this appliance stay in place while the powerful motor goes on with its job of grinding the toughest of food ingredients. The positive aspect of this motor is the presence of overload protection to safeguard it during power surges or fluctuations.

On the appearance front, the Morphy Richards Mixer Grinder is a winner all the way with its LED indicator, rust-proof body, and the multifunction blade system. The highly durable ABS plastic body is corrosion-proof and has a shiny appearance to enhance the overall look of your kitchen.

2. Sujata Dynamix DX 900-Watt Mixer and Grinder with 3 Jars

The heart of any mixer grinder is the motor. Sujata Dynamix DX comes equipped with a powerful 900-watt engine with double ball bearings for greater efficiency. The best aspect of this motor is that it does not require much maintenance and can provide trouble-free operation for many years.

best mixer grinder

Since this appliance is a mixer cum grinder, it comes with a dome jar for wet grinding. Thus, it is easy to prepare dough for idlis and dosas.

The device comes in a shock-proof and safe body while providing vibration-free operation. It works perfectly in the voltage range of 230 to 240 volts and 50 to 60 Hz.

3. Preethi Zodiac MG 218 750-Watt Mixer Grinder with 5 jars

The Preethi Zodiac not only has a  powerful Vega 5 motor but also has a fantastic cooling capacity. Therefore, it becomes easy for the homemaker to run this mixer grinder continuously for extended periods, especially when grinding heavy-duty items like idli batter and kneading the dough for chapattis.

best mixer grinder

Making juice from fresh fruits do not take much time because of the centrifugal juicer attachment. It also comes with a powerful extractor to help extract the essence from tamarind and milk from coconuts.

The speed control knob with rotary switch allows the machine to rotate at three speeds.

Preethi Zodiac comes in soothing colors and excellent artisanship.

4. Sujata Powermatic Plus+ CH 900-Watt Juicer Mixer cum Grinder

Sujata Powermatic Plus+ is a high-quality juicer cum mixer grinder. This appliance works on a robust 900-watt motor that is capable of running continuously for about 90 minutes. Hence, it is the best mixer grinder for catering to heavy grinding jobs.

This powerful motor comes with double ball bearings to ensure the highest degree of efficiency. It is a favorite with almost all homemakers because of its trouble-free performance.

This mixer grinder is a fast operator as the blades can rotate at speeds as high as 22000 rpm. The best aspect of this juicer cum mixer grinder is that it comes with airtight lids to retain the aroma of juices and food.

5. Panasonic MX-AC400 550-Watt Super Mixer Grinder with 4 jars

This sleek black Panasonic model is an attractive one, but a powerful machine at the same time. This mixer grinder can comfortably perform an array of jobs such as grind, blend milkshakes, and ice creams, extract fruit juices, mincemeat, dry grind spices, make tomato purees, and pastes.

best mixer grinder

The powerful and heavy-duty motor comes with magic seal protection that lubricates the steel blades to ensure they have a long life.

The mixer grinder jars come with sturdy handles that have an ergonomic design making it hassle-free to use.

Different types of mixier Grinders

The mixer 

The basic responsibility of the mixer is to mix various cooking ingredients, usually in a semi-liquid state. The examples are purees, vegetable pastes for making curry, and batters for cooking.

The Grinder

The grinder is a comparatively stronger machine used to grind substances into a powdery form. You can use it to grind both wet and dry ingredients. The common usage is for grinding cereals, lentils, and spices.

The Mixie – (Mixer cum Grinder)

This appliance is a combination of a mixer and a grinder. You have separate jars for dry and wet grinding. The wet grinding jars are usually larger in size. Made from stainless steel, these jars come with fixed or detachable blades.

This is the most ideal companion for the Indian woman in the kitchen.

The Juicer-Mixer-Grinder (JMG)

As the name suggests, the JMG is a combination of the mixie and the juicer. Naturally, these are larger equipment with an additional jar for making vegetable and fruit juices. This appliance is becoming very popular today in the Indian market.

How do you choose a mixie / JMG?

There are many factors to consider while choosing the right appliance for your kitchen.

Technical Specifications

Here are some technical specifications that every household should know. You will find these specifications listed in every mixie you see. Having knowledge about the same enables you to make the right choice.

Brand / Service provided

Why do you think Sumeet ruled the Indian market for a long time?

This is because of the brand reputation and the service they provided to the consumers. You have many brands available in the market.

It is better to do your own local research before buying your product. We use the word ‘local research’ because the service provided in Delhi might differ from that provided in Mumbai or for that matter, any of the smaller towns in India.

Availability of spare parts and prompt servicing by the service engineers are some aspects to consider.

The rubber gaskets are the one that wears out frequently. The availability of replacement blades is also important.

Product Design

Power is important while choosing a mixie for your kitchen. At the same time, a slim/sleek design should also be foremost on your mind.

You have the tower design or the L-shaped design that is popular today. The tower design has its merits in the fact that it is easy to clean.

Safety aspects

This appliance comes in touch with water on a frequent basis. Therefore, safety is a matter of concern. Check out for aspects like earthing, power cables, and so on.

Ensure that the mixie has a strong and balanced base to avoid unnecessary accidents.

The mixie should have a locking system whereby the machine will not start unless you fit the jar properly. The modern mixies have them. Indian mixies have rotary switches whereas piano switches are the international preference.

Overloading protection feature

It is possible that you might misjudge the capacity of the mixie. This can result in overloading. The ideal mixie should be one that has an overloading protection feature like a circuit breaker to stop the appliance immediately.

You can remove some of the load and reset the switch. The absence of such a safety factor can cause early burnout of the motor.

Check out the quality of accessories

You have a lot of accessories that come with a mixie like the jars, blades, lids, and so on. The quality of the accessories is important. Opting for a reputed brand is advisable as they do not compromise on the quality aspect.


You have just seen the features of the best mixie grinder in India. Let us now end the article with some tips on how to use the mixie efficiently.

  • Avoid using hot ingredients as you can damage the jar walls
  • Ensure to add sufficient water while making Idly, Dosa Batters and purees
  • It is important to have proper earthing systems in place to avoid unnecessary accidents
  • Allow air inside the jar to escape before operating the mixie

This guide should prove useful to you when you wish to purchase the Best Mixer Grinder for your home. Husbands should note that without the mixie, they might not get their food. Hence, you see many houses having a spare mixie in place in case one develops an issue.

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