Top 5 Best Room Heaters in India 2019

It’s that time of the year when love is high in the air and the temperatures are dropping in the opposite direction (ugh winters!). There are two types of people in this weather; the ones that get ready for exciting escapades and the ones that get ready to get inside their warm blankets (Hola fellow single people!). No matter which category you belong to, a room heater (not a Valentine) is an absolute must this season and given a choice you would obviously want to buy one of the best room heater in India.

In India especially, winters can get really harsh and room heater is an excellent way to raise the temperature of space quickly. Like every other commodity, options for room heaters are also equally abundant. In the big bad world of smart advertising and tricky marketing, a lot of things need to be considered before investing in-room heaters. They differ in shape, size, cost and other features suited for different spaces. Here are a few things to know:

Types of Room Heaters

Room heaters aka space heaters can be broadly classified into three categories based on their heating technology, we have penned down our top picks in each category in this article.

Convection heaters or Fan heaters: Circulates hot air around the room with the help of a fan and instantly heats up a room. The hot air created as a result of the conversion of electric energy to heat energy. They are inexpensive, provide better coverage and are absolutely safe for residences with small children around. They do not eat up a lot of space as they are small in size. Noise level and high power consumption are its only drawbacks. Orpat OEH-1250 2000-Watt Fan Heater, Bajaj Blow Hot 2000-Watt Blower HeaterSinger Fan Heater Heat Blow 2000 Watts and Usha HC 812 T 2000-Watt Heat Convector are our top picks in this category. (Details in this article)

Infrared heaters or Radiant heaters: These heaters use infrared technology to produce heat and transfer it directly to the people/ surrounding objects. The heat dissipates as soon as the heater is turned off resulting in quick healing. They are ideal for warming small spaces only. However the high energy efficiency and low noise level make up for it well. We suggest one of Orpat ORH-1410 1000 Watt Radiant HeaterEveready QH800 800-Watt Room Heater or Maharaja Whiteline Quato 800-Watt Quartz Heater in this category.

Oil-filled heaters: With their efficiency and effectiveness, an oil room heater is seeing exponential growth in its demand. The oil inside the body of the heater absorbs the heat and serves as a heat reservoir, hence circulating the heat. They can efficiently warm up large spaces with low noise levels. The heating time and slightly higher costs are a drawback in this case. Morphy Richards OFR 09 2000-Watt Oil Filled RadiatorHavells OFR – 9Fin 2500-Watt PTC Fan Heater and Usha OFR 3209 Room Heater are our top picks in this category.

What to Look for in a Room Heater

Once you zero in on the type of heater best suited for your space, the next step would be to check for the following features in it.

Wattage: The easiest way to know the Watt requirement for a room would be to multiply the area of the room by 10. For example, your room is 200 Sq. ft multiply that by 10 and the requirement will be 2000 watt. Higher wattage equals more heat hence the watt power should be according to the room size for effective heating. Higher wattage also means the power consumption will be more.

Heat settings: Different heat settings let you change the temperature according to your needs. Also, look for other features like humidification which can really help you have a cold environment no matter what the temperature in your place is.

Heating Capacity: This tells you how much heat can be generated by a room heater. This is also related to wattage because more the wattage of the space heater better is the heating capacity.

Energy Efficiency: With the growing focus on energy conservation, we have to try our bit in contributing to the cause. This is why it is important to look into the energy ratings of any device you will be buying and the same holds true for room heaters. While space heaters do not follow the best of energy standards make sure you choose a heater that has incorporated some basic standards. This not only makes you a contributor to a clean environment but can also save you some money on your electricity bills.

Safety features: Any device which deals with electricity and heat should have certain safety features to avoid overheating or electric problems. If the heaters are not monitored properly, they can be instances of fire hazards due to overheating. Check if your room heater comes with an internal switch which shuts the heater off in case of overheating. The switch will have a sensor that will send a signal to the circuit if the temperature crosses a particular limit.

Noise Level: While we all want to stay warm during winters, we certainly wouldn’t like a noisy room. Electrical devices have a tendency to produce noise during operation, especially in the presence of a fan. Make sure that the noise range of your heaters is within the acceptable range. A heater with a baseboard reduces the noise to some extent.

Auto On-Off: This would enable the heater to automatically switch off in case of overheating. This is one of the safety features you need to look for in a room heater.

Chord length and handle: Sufficient Chord length and handle allow safe placement and transportation of the heater. This also adds to the portability of the heaters.

Now that you know the different types and the various factors you should consider while buying a room heater, let us look into the best options available in the Indian market when it comes to room heaters.

Here’s a list of the 5 best room heater online in India, to help you make better and informed choices this year.

Top 5 Best Room Heaters in India 2019

1. Havells OFR – 9Fin 2500-Watt PTC Fan Heater


Following closely behind is the Havells OFR with 9 Fin oil filed radiator that allows for faster and efficient heating. With almost similar features as Morphy Richards OFR 09, in terms of castor wheels for mobility and thermostatic heat control for safety, this one is noiseless and strong. It operates n 3 power modes and works even on 0 modes.

This has a housing where you can place the chord. This has a robust heating system which comprises of PTC heater and a fan. It also comes with all the necessary safety features like overheat protection and tilt over switch. The price factor is where Havells OFR 9Fin remains one step behind as Morphy Richards provides almost the same features for a better deal.

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2. Morphy Richards OFR 09 2000-Watt Oil Filled Radiator


Now, here comes a room heater that redefines easy of usage with its castor wheels. The Morphy Richards OFR 09 is an absolute winner in the list of room heaters in India 2018 with features such as an adjustable thermostat for safety and a power selection knob. It effectively heats up a room without any smell or harm with 2000 watt power consumption.

The design is sleek and will be a nice addition to your living room or bedroom. If you have a budget of above 5000 then this is the right room heater for you as it comes with amazing features that set it apart from other room heaters. This has an oil-filled radiator which makes the heating process efficient. The wire is short in length but since it is movable it shouldn’t really pose a problem but you have to keep this in mind.

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3. Usha OFR 3209 Room Heater


The Usha OFR 3209 although it shows up last on this list, takes the variable heating game a notch higher with its three heating positions (800, 1200 and 2000 watts). This is a unique feature that none of the other room heaters on the list have. It comes with inbuilt overheating protection for safety and better performance. The price of the room heater and the size of the power cable are still drawbacks.

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4. Bajaj Blow Hot 2000-Watt Room Heater


With almost similar features as the Orpat OEH-1250, in terms of compact design, ease of mobility and dual heat settings the Bajaj Blow Hot room heater is definitely one of the best room heaters for home use.

It operates in absolutely zero noise and is perfect for small to medium-sized rooms. Additionally, it has a thermal cutoff for safety. It comes with two heater settings, which implies that you can set the heater at either 1000 watts or 2000 watts depending on the amount of heating you need. It is rectangular in design adding to the compactness of the device.

The presence of a blower forces the air out creating good circulation. This heater is approved by BIS which confirms that it is built to Indian standards. The product comes with a warranty of two years which ensures that your money is well invested at least for two years. If you are looking for something below 2000 then this is the best heater under 2000. A large pin socket requirement may be a glitch for some. It is also advised to lubricate the motors every month for prolonged life.

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5. Maharaja Whiteline Quato 800-Watt Quartz Heater


Just like its name, the Maharaja Whiteline Quato stands out from the rest of the room heaters in the list due to its adequate size. This allows you to place it on the floor or on a surface and ensures effective heating in both cases. The dual quartz tubes ensure faster heating in cold weather hence making it a perfect room heater for homes in India. The product is guaranteed to work for more than a year as it comes with a warranty of one year.

The design is elegant and will definitely stand out wherever you place it. It is specifically designed for lower power consumption. It comes with a manual which is enough to get you started as the usage is pretty straight forward and doesn’t require detailed instructions. The two heat settings operate at 400 watts and 800 watts for convenient usage. It is also fairly priced hence making it a steal deal.

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Nothing spells bliss like a warm room on a cold freezing day. Staying indoors is the new adventure this season so choose from this list of the 10 best room heaters in India and be sure of warm and cozy winter this year. This winter brave sub-zero temperatures like a boss!


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