How To Choose The Best Mixer Grinder? The Complete Guide [2021]

A Mixer grinder is perhaps the most important appliance in a household kitchen. Buying the best mixer grinder for your kitchen can be a difficult task, especially when you are doing it for the first time and have your precious hard-earned money at stake. With 100s of mixer grinder brands and models to choose from, finding the best mixer grinder that suits your requirements can be very challenging. As a result, many people give up due to the task’s enormity and buy any mixer grinder that they get their hands on.

This is the age of the web. You get everything on the web today. The Mixer Grinder isn’t diverse in any capacity. There are web-based business sites like Amazon, where you get extraordinary products. Let us look at how to select the best mixer grinder for your kitchen.

How To Choose The Best Mixer Grinder

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Different types of Mixer Grinders 

The Mixer

The Mixer grinder’s essential duty is to mix different cooking ingredients, generally in a semi-fluid state. The models are purees, vegetable pastes for making curry, and hitters for cooking. Mixers are comprehensive of two kinds. 

Hand Blender 

This is a hand-held machine used to mix and blend cooking ingredients in a semi-fluid state. It has an engine and can be utilized with a bowl. You have the instances of the egg blenders and spread milk churners that fall in this class. 

Stand Mixer 

This is an amazing machine used to blend hard ingredients. You go through the blenders for whipping creams, kneading the dough, and preparing the batter

The Grinder 

The processor is a nearly more grounded machine used to pound substances into a fine structure. You can utilize it to pound both wet and dry ingredients. The normal use is for granulating grains, lentils, and flavors. Here are two kinds of processors that have explicit employments. 

The Mixer Grinder

This apparatus is a blend of a blender and a processor. You have separate containers for dry and wet pounding. The wet crushing containers are typically bigger in size. Produced using treated steel, these containers accompany fixed or separable sharp edges. 

This is the best buddy for the Indian lady in the kitchen. 

The Juicer-Mixer-Grinder (JMG) 

As the name proposes, the JMG is a blend of the mixie and the juicer. Normally, these are bigger gear with an extra container for making vegetable and natural product juices. This apparatus is ending up well known today in the Indian market. 

How do you choose the best mixer grinder? 

There are numerous variables to consider while picking the correct machine for your kitchen. 

Technical Specifications 

Here are some specialized particulars that each family should know. You will discover these particulars recorded in each mixie you see. Knowing about the equivalent empowers you to settle on the correct decision. 


In straightforward words, wattage characterizes the intensity of the engine. Higher the wattage, the heavier the heap it can support. An ordinary Indian kitchen mixie can work with a 550 to 600-watt engine. Anything over this figure can wind up uproarious. 

In any case, you can go for higher wattages if you need to granulate larger amounts. To granulate 2 kg of Urad dal hitter in one go, you need an engine with a base wattage of 750 watts. 


RPM is the truncated type of ‘Pivots every moment.’ The higher the RPM, the more dominant the engine is. This diminishes the time required for handling the fixings. There is a drawback to having a higher RPM. 

Your apparatus can provide warmth up and become boisterous. More often than not, you have cutting edges turning at a speed of 15000 rpm. 

Review in minutes 

This factor is the constant working time prescribed for any mixie. It is 30 minutes with a running time of 5 minutes and a cooling time of 3 minutes in the typical conditions. Clinging to this proportion guarantees that your engine serves you well. 

On the off chance that you run the machine persistently for additional time, it can provide warmth up the engine and cause inside harm. 

Brand/Service provided

mixer grinder

You have numerous brands accessible in the market. 

It is smarter to do your own neighborhood inquire before purchasing your item. We utilize the word ‘nearby examine’ because Delhi’s administration may contrast from that given in Mumbai or, to that issue, any of the little towns in India. 

Accessibility of extra parts and brief adjusting by the administration designers are a few viewpoints to consider. 

The elastic gaskets are the one that destroys as often as possible. The accessibility of substitution cutting edges is additionally significant. 

Product Design 

Power is significant while picking a mixie for your kitchen. Simultaneously, a thin/smooth plan ought to likewise be first at the forefront of your thoughts. 

You have the pinnacle structure or the L-molded plan that is well known today. The pinnacle configuration has its benefits in the way that it is anything but difficult to clean. 

Safety Aspects 

This machine comes in contact with water on a successive premise. Subsequently, wellbeing involves concern. Look at angles like earthing, control links, etc. 

Guarantee that the mixie has a solid and adjusted base to stay away from pointless mishaps. 

The mixie ought to have a locking framework whereby the machine won’t begin except if you appropriately fit the container. The cutting edge mixies have them. Indian mixies have rotational switches though piano switches are the worldwide inclination. 

Over-loading Protection Feature 

It is conceivable that you may misinterpret the limit of the mixie. This can bring about over-burdening. The perfect mixie ought to be one that has an over-burdening security highlight like an electrical switch to stop the machine right away. 

You can evacuate a portion of the heap and reset the switch. The nonattendance of such a wellbeing element can cause early burnout of the engine. 

Check out the quality of accessories.

You have many extras that accompany a mixie like the containers, sharp edges, tops, etc. The nature of the frill is significant. Settling on a presumed brand is fitting as they don’t settle on the quality viewpoint. 

Final Thoughts 

Let us take a look at a few hints on the best way to utilize the mixie productively. 

  • Avoid utilizing hot fixings as you can harm the container dividers. 
  • Ensure to include adequate water while making Idly, Dosa Batters, and purees 
  • It is critical to have legitimate earthing frameworks set up to maintain a strategic distance from superfluous mishaps. 
  • Allow air inside the container to escape before working the mixie. 

This guide ought to help you when you wish to buy the Best Mixer Grinders for your home. Spouses should take note of that without the mixie; they probably won’t get their nourishment. Thus, you see numerous houses having an extra mixie set up on the off chance of building up an issue.

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