Winter Season is Near: Welcome this with the warmth of Water Heater

November is almost ended is already started and the winter season is near as temperature seems to be dropped across the north and rest of India. Might be this season vary from North to south or east to west, but water heater, water geyser, the electric geyser is the common need among all. In the winter season, it is highly recommended to treat your muscles with hot water that helps in relieving stress after a busy day at work.

So, if you are looking for the Geyser Water Heater and want to buy it online, you should know how it works, what are the types, Prices & features.

How Does It work?

It is an electric heating unit, which is connected to a 220-volt circuit and works on a very simple mechanism. How water gets warm? To warm it, the current passes through the electric-resistant heating element, which is already fixed in the middle of a water geyser. A thermostat through which the power is delivered, control the water temperature.

Types of the Water heater or Water Geyser

Storage Water Heater


The basic type of water heater available in the market is Storage Water Heater. It has a storage tank, which is installed inside the appliance. We can use it for various domestic purposes and maintain it over its lifetime. The benefit of purchasing the storage water heater is, it keeps the water war, for a significant period when no electricity and you can use that when required. It is further divided into specific products, which have different water heater prices and features.

Gas Water Heater


These types of water heaters basically run on LPG. These types of water geysers are very cost-efficient and lighter in weight. Instead of electricity, they get the supply from gas pipelines and cylinders.

Instant Water Heater


Instant water heaters can be used for small bathrooms and kitchens. Due to the high powered appliances, it helps to warm the water very instantly. And available in three categories such as Springhot, Metro & Iris. 

Key Factors to consider when buying Water Heater

Water geyser or electric water heater size or capacity should be based on the size of the family, for your reference, below are the indicative capacity applicable for water usage patterns.    

  • The capacity of water heater/ Water Usage Criteria is mentioned below, which helps you to decide which size of the water tank will be suitable for you;
  1. 6-10L / 2 persons
  2. 15L/ 2 or 3 Persons if strong cold climate condition
  3. 15L or more/ 3-4 person
  4. 25L/ 4 persons if strong climate condition
  5. 35L or more/ More than 4 persons 
  • Look for only those products, which are less power consuming and highly efficient. The water heater is the one, which is higher in efficiency indicated by the Energy star rating.
  • Must consider the Compatibility of Pressure Pump; V-Guard’s range of water geysers and electric geysers have a very high pressure stand up to capacity 8kg/cm2, which ensures that they are pressure pump/high rise building compatibility.


We always recommend you save water and consume power energy less. More water is only required when you take a bath in a tub or shower. So we would say instead of using these on a daily basis, prefer a bucket that will utilize only 15 liters. If you are looking for a water geyser for the kitchen, prefer the 6 – 10 liters storage water heater. Small water heaters mean less energy consumption and ideal water heating

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