Top 5 Best Grill Sandwich Maker [2019]

Kitchens are getting smarter day by day with the new and highly advanced appliances. With the help of new technology and inventions, we have a huge number of smart Kitchen appliances to cook delicious dishes smartly. Gone are the days when you have to do things manually when it comes to preparing some new recipe. Today’s people are busy and they don’t have enough time to prepare breakfast.

For the same kind of people, here we bring you a list of the best grill Sandwich maker. If you do not have enough time to prepare your breakfast, here we have reviewed bestselling Grill Sandwich Maker available in the market. You would be able to see the list of the advantages and disadvantages of each Sandwich Maker listed here.

The new generation likes to have Sandwich in breakfast and almost everyone knows how to prepare Sandwich in the morning. Well, the generation has changed and now we have a set of advanced grill Sandwich makers which lets you prepare delicious Sandwich in just a couple of minutes. Let’s collect some more information about Grill Sandwich Maker from here.

Why you should use a Grill Sandwich Maker?

You might be using a different way to prepare a Sandwich; the new Grill Sandwich maker makes the Sandwich making tasks a lot easier and more convenient. Anyone can get started with this new breakfast maker as it doesn’t require any special skills. Being small in size, it doesn’t occupy more of your Kitchen space.

Most of the people who haven’t used a Sandwich Maker, prepare their Sandwich on a pan. They struggle a lot in order to keep all the ingredients of the Sandwich and the mess up with the entire process. On the pan, Sandwiches can’t prepare properly and it takes a lot of time. People tend to avoid this process and sometimes, they go to their workspace without having breakfast. By now, you don’t need to struggle with all these tasks as Grill Sandwich Maker is here for you.

The Grill Sandwich Maker cooks your Sandwich from both the sides properly and you don’t even need to flip the Sandwich to cook it. A Grill Sandwich Maker cooks the layers of the bread which adds more taste to your tongue. For the very same reason, people are looking for the best Grill Sandwich Maker for their Kitchens. Due to high demands from the consumers, we have compiled a list of best and top-selling Grill Sandwich Makers here.

Before we move on to the list of best Grill Sandwich Maker, there are a few things which you should need to know about the Sandwich Maker and other important parts of it. Just to give you all the right information, we have prepared some buying guidelines on Grill Sandwich Maker. You should follow the buying guides first before purchasing any of the available Sandwich makers in the market.

Sandwich Makers: Buying Guides

We all know that the competition in every field is increasing and now, we have a huge number of Sandwich Makers available to fulfill different types of demands of the consumers. A Sandwich Maker is the most common and essential appliance in the Kitchen. Since there are a number of Sandwich Makers here, it becomes difficult to make choice on buying one and for that reason, you need to follow the Sandwich Marker buying guides from here.

Size: Size of the Sandwich Maker matters a lot when it comes to purchasing a new Sandwich Marker for your home. There are different sizes of Sandwich Makers available which you can select as per your basic needs. If you have more members in the family, you can go with a big size. For the general-purpose, you can get a Sandwich Maker that can hold a single and multiple Sandwiches simultaneously. You can select compact size Sandwich maker if you have space issues in the Kitchen.

User-Friendly: Sandwich Maker works beautifully without messes up with other tasks. It should be easy to operate by all the family members. You should check out the operation of using the Sandwich Maker first before getting one for you.

Cleaning Process: A Sandwich Maker comes to rescue in the morning. You need to be well prepared for the cleaning process of the Sandwich Maker. The cleaning process of the Sandwich Maker must be very easy so one can quickly clean it in the morning. If it doesn’t come with easy to clean function, then you have to waste a lot of time in the morning after preparing Sandwiches in the morning.

The coating on the Surface: An advanced Sandwich Maker comes with a non-stick coating. With proper non-stick coating on the Surface of the Sandwich Maker, you don’t have to use much oil for cooking. It also keeps the surface clean as the food doesn’t stick to the surface.

These much things you should consider before buying a new Sandwich Maker for your Kitchen. Keep in mind all of the above-mentioned guides and you would be able to get a user-friendly Sandwich Marker for your family members.

Types of Grill Sandwich Maker

Generally, there are two types of Grill Sandwich Markers available in the market, Panini Press and Four Triangle Sandwich Maker. There are a huge number of brands available in the market offering different types of Sandwich Maker with a unique set of features, designs, and specifications to fulfill the demands of the users. Let’s see what’s the difference between these two Sandwich Makers from here.

Panini Press Sandwich Maker

Panini Press Sandwich Marker has two different press on the top and on the bottom. And both the press can be used for grilling purposes by the users. Most fast food shops in India are using Panini Press Sandwich Maker which are relatively a bit costlier than the other advanced Sandwich Markers.

Four Triangle Sandwich Maker

Four Triangle Sandwich Maker which comes with four square plates. It’s like a traditional Sandwich Maker which comes with easy to use interface. The plates give you cut Sandwiches with different parts which means you don’t need to cut the Sandwich as the Four Triangle Sandwich cuts down the Sandwiches in four pieces in Triangle shape.
Four Triangle Sandwich Maker is the most common Sandwich Maker which comes with a variety of shapes and sizes as per the demands of the consumers from around the world.  Four Triangle Sandwich Maker is cheaper compared to the other Panini Press Sandwich makers. Most Indian Kitchens do prefer to use Four Triangle Sandwich Maker as they carry cheap price tags and cut down the Sandwiches in required shapes and sizes.
Here, in this post, we have reviewed top 10 Grill Sandwich Makers from hundreds of models which are available in the market from a variety of brands. According to users’ feedback and their personal views, we have compiled this list. If you are eagerly waiting for a new Grill Sandwich Maker to purchase, you should follow the below-given list as you would get all the details of a Sandwich Maker with which you can easily make up your mind which one to choose.

5 Best Grill Sandwich Maker

1. Nova NT 233 HDG 1800 Grill Sandwich Maker

Nova NT 233 HDG 1800 Grill Sandwich Maker

Nova NT 233 HDG 1800 Grill Sandwich Maker is the perfect choice for those who big families. Nova’s this Grill Sandwich Marker comes with a handy design which can prepare multiple Sandwiches at once. You can instantly prepare a number of Sandwichers with this machine to serve the family members. Since it comes with 4-slice design, it bakes the Sandwiches perfectly from all the angles and grilled Sandwiches add more delicious tastes. You can use this Sandwich either as a Toaster or as a Grill.

Additionally, the Nova NT 233 HDG model is designed with durable material which adds up extra user’ safety. You can prepare perfect size Sandwiches with this Sandwich Maker. Additionally, the Sandwich Maker heats too quickly which gets you a quick large-sized Sandwich in just a few seconds of time.


  • Let’s you cook different sizes of Sandwiches at once for a big family
  • Heats up quickly so you can have a quick Sandwich for breakfast
  • Gets you very crisp Sandwiches
  • Perfect for a big family
  • Durable material offers long life


  • Slightly Large in size which occupies more space in your Kitchen
  • There is no automatic cut-off or buzzer available
  • Manual monitoring required

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2. Prestige PGMFB 800 Watt Grill Sandwich Toaster

Prestige PGMFB 800 Watt Grill Sandwich Toaster

Prestige is one of the most trusted brands when it comes to purchasing a new Kitchen appliance. The brand also offers a variety of Grill Sandwich Makers and Toasters with different specs and features. The new Prestige PGMFB Grill Sandwich Maker is one of the bestselling Sandwich Maker in the market. It features non-stick heating plates which lets you cook hassle-free sandwiches for your loved ones. Non-Stick plates keep the Sandwich Toaster clean and you don’t need to waste your precious time in cleaning the Toaster after cooking Sandwiches.

Prestige uses Panini Sandwich Maker plates serves easy to use interface so anyone can prepare Sandwich in no time. It requires less oil and you will get quick grilled Sandwiches instantly. The material is quite durable and it keeps the outer part of the maker cool so a user can comfortably touch it during the cooking period. Additionally, the Prestige Sandwich Maker comes with indication light which indicates you when the Sandwich is prepared. It is built with advanced technology which consumes less power while using this Sandwich maker, you don’t need to worry about the soaring electricity.


  • Fixed Non-Stick and Non-Toxic Plates
  • Stunning design with elegant black body
  • Built-in Indicator lights
  • Less Power Consumption


  • Power Cable is very short
  • The outer material is not durable enough

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3. Nova Panni NSG-2439 700-Watt 2-Slice Sandwich Maker

Nova Panni NSG-2439 700-Watt 2-Slice Sandwich Maker

Nova Panni NSG-2439 is one of the most selling Grill Sandwich Markers in the market. The brand is very popular in the Indian market as it provides quality products with a good life. The new Nova Sandwich Maker is built with advanced technology which makes it easier for the users to prepare a variety of Sandwiches more quickly and hassle-free. The plates are non-stick plates which makes it easier to clean. It doesn’t take much time in cleaning as the non-stick plates don’t let the food particles stick to it. Non-Stick plates don’t require much oil which keeps the entire kitchen clean.

The design of this Sandwich Maker is quite user-friendly. It also features auto shut-off facility, once your Sandwiches prepared, it will shut down and will not consume power. It’s a kind of Panini Sandwich Maker which offers an easy to use operations for the users. The outer body of the machine remains touchable and it doesn’t get hot. It gives you crispy and tasty Sandwiches quickly.


  • Gives you quick, crispy and taste Sandwiches
  • Uses non-stick plates which keeps the machine clean
  • Easy to use operations
  • Auto shut off feature shuts down the toaster itself
  • Built-with quality products which offer long life


  • Short Power Cable
  • Big in Size which occupies space in your Kitchen

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4. Bajaj Majesty New SWX 4 750-Watt Grill Toaster

Bajaj Majesty New SWX 4 750-Watt Grill Toaster

Bajaj is known as one of the most trusted brands in home kitchen appliances. The company offers a variety of kitchen appliances and home appliances including the Grill Toasters. Bajaj has a number of different types of Sandwich Makers for different types of users. The new Majesty SWX from Bajaj is highly on demand Grill Toaster in the market. You will be able to prepare professional Sandwiches with the easy to operate Press design of this Toaster.

The portable design and easy to use operations makes this Kitchen Toaster a perfect choice. You can easily carry it anywhere while on the go to prepare healthy, tasty and quickly Sandwiches for yourself and for your loved ones. It offers an elegant design and has non-stick coating plates which keep the entire toaster clean. It serves an easy to clean design so you can easily clean the whole toaster in just a couple of minutes after preparing your Sandwiches. Apart from this, the Bajaj Toaster also comes with base support so it will not slip from the Kitchen surface while preparing Sandwiches. Cool touch body makes it easier for the users to handle the Toaster. It doesn’t consume much electricity which is good for your pockets. It also features LED Neon Indicators which shows the on and off functions of the Sandwich Maker.


  • Offers fast and quick and most reliable service
  • Gets you tasty and crispy Sandwiches
  • Built-with cool touch body
  • Consumes less power
  • LED Neon light indicators
  • Non-stick coated cooking plates
  • Easy to use operations


  • Very short power cable

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5. Pigeon 12283 750-Watt Sandwich Toaster

Pigeon 12283 750-Watt Sandwich Toaster

Pigeon 12283 is one of the most popular Sandwich Toaster in the market. It comes with handy design and an affordable price tag which makes it perfect for everyone. The Pigeon 12283 Sandwich maker lets you prepare delicious Sandwiches quickly at home. The non-stick plates require less oil and make it easier for the consumers to clean it after the use. It comes with all the functions with superior material quality.

The Pigeon Sandwich Maker serves easy to use operations which lets anyone prepare quick and tasty Sandwiches. The Sandwich Maker comes with a convenient design which occupies less space in the Kitchen. It also comes with on and off indicators on the front side. Shockproof and heat resistant body keep it cool from the outer side. It comes with a power-efficient design which consumes less energy.


  • Special non-stick plates come with easy to clean design
  • Convenient to store design comes with a compact design
  • Built-in indicators for power on and off
  • Shockproof and heat resistant body
  • The power-efficient body consumes very less energy


  • Very short power cord
  • Not so durable body

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These were all the top-selling Sandwich Maker which are currently available in the market. You can select the most suitable Grill Sandwich Maker from the above list which suits your budget. It is always recommended to go with the budget-friendly and convenient Sandwich Maker from the lot. The suitable Sandwich Maker gives you tasty, healthy and delicious breakfast.

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