Which Is Better – Instant or Storage Water Heater

Deciding between different types of water heater Instant water heater and storage water heater is a challenging decision. There are various parameters to consider like the purpose of hot water, heater cost, water heating cost, space availability in the bathroom. In this comprehensive guide, we are furnishing all the details. Try our water heater selector to choose the right heater without reading any water heater buying guide.

Instant Water Heater vs Storage Water Heater quick comparison

FeaturesInstant Water HeaterStorage Water Heater
Wall spaceIt occupies small wall-mouting spaceIt occupies large wall-mouting space
DelayHot water comes immediately when you switch on the geyserNeed to wait up to 5 minutes for water to heat up
Convenience Breaks during the bath. Geyser releases at max 6 liters of water and need to wait for more water during bathingNo breaks during the bath, get all the water before the bath
Geyser PriceLittle higher, 6 liters instant geyser price is 6K - 8KLittle less, 10 liters storage geyser price is 6K - 8K
Water Heating CostConsidered less as hot water is used immediatly.Considered little more as hot water is used after some time.
Best Suitable ForWashing kitchen utensils, hand wash, bathing using bucketBathing using bucket and bathing using shower
Available Geyser Size1, 3, 6 and 10 liters6 - 35 liters
Life SpanConsidered little high as there is no water tank Considered little low
ExampleMorphy Richards Quente Water Heater 3 LitreBajaj 15L storage geyser

Instant water heater

Instant water heaters are the most perfect solution as they do not have any storage or water tank, therefore no opportunity of heating additional water or wasting hot water. In addition, you have to switch them on before use and also switch them off without any difficulty after use. The electricity unit utilization is less even though there is exceptionally high wattage. This sounds great from the perspective of an individual but may not be good for a power grid.

Advantages of Electric Instant Water Heaters

electric instant water heaters come with a lot of benefits. From lowered operating costs and increased efficiency to extended lifespan and space savings, look out for about why electric instant water heaters are a perfect choice.

Electric Instant Water Heater price and Operating Costs

6 liters electric instant water heater price is around Rs. 6,000 to 8,000. Whereas 10 liters storage water heater price is around 6,000 to 8,000. But it is considered that electric instant water heaters consume less electricity as hot water is used immediately. How much money and energy will I accumulate will be the first thought on electric instant water heaters. In fact, you will pay more at the initial stage to buy an electric instant water heater and put all the necessary plumbing work in place. However, your operating cost will augment for the upfront costs. With an electric instant water heater, you do not have to waste power on heating the water you are not going to use.

Electric Instant water heater lifespan

The lifespan of an electric instant water heater is estimated to be more than the storage heater of a typical storage water heater. This is because there is a small water tank in an electric instant heater. That is a huge replacement you are saving if you are planning to dwell in your home for some time. On the other hand, it is good to pay for it in advance for the general cost savings of homeownership, despite the fact that you are not going to in your home for that long.

Electric Instant water heater- Space Savings

The potential space savings is one of the great advantages of instant heaters, even if you are not concerned about saving energy and money. The conventional water heaters with 10 to 40 liters capability are normally tall and wide. This large metal tank can occupy valuable space. An instant water heaters size, in contrast, maybe the size of a huge computer occupy little wall space

Disadvantages of Electric Instant Water Heater

The rate at which instant water heaters draws electricity at any point in time is extremely high since they have to make water available at high temperature considered necessary. Consequently, a storage water heater may be rated at 2 kW, while an instant water heater is rated at 3 to 4.5 kW. Instant water heater outs more load on the power grid because it heats water immediately.

Electric Instant water heater – limited output

With an instant water heater, you will have no cause to run out of hot water whenever you need it, as contemporary small tank also heat up added supply very fast. Whereas a full-size storage water heater storing 10 to 35 liters of hot water at a time will keep your laundry, showers, as well as other hot water requirements appropriately fulfilled for some time.

An instant water heater has an all through the limit, capable of supplying a few liters of hot water all the time and at a time. As a result, you need to take breaks during the bath. Water heater releases at max 6 liters of water and needs to wait for more water during bathing.

Gas instant water heater

A conventional storage gas water heater uses many liters of LPG, while an instant water heater may need probably few electricity units to perform the same task because it heats up your water on demand.

You have to make sure that your electric system is equal to the task if you are thinking of switching to electric instead of gas. The price of electricity is usually double than LPG in many areas as well. On this note, you will also need to think about the cost of energy.

Water heater size and Electricity Consumption

Your water heater electricity consumption will depend a lot on your hot water usage, which is why it is very important to buy the right sized water heater. The lesser the hot water consumed in your household, the lesser will be the electricity you will use up. Therefore, it is very essential to opt for the right size water heater that meets your requirements.

The smaller your water heater is the better. Furthermore, it is better to switch on the water heater before use and also switch it off as soon as you are through.

We always suggest making use of lesser water and saving water for all purposes. If you bathe in tub or shower, more water of about 25-30 liters is necessary, while you will need lesser water of about 15 liters if you bathe using a bucket.

However, a 6, 10 or a 15 liters storage water heater is generally enough for such use. In cold or tremendously cold places during winter, a geyser 25 ltr price might be enough, while 10 liters or even 6 liters of water heater might be adequate in places where the room water temperature is not too cold.

Furthermore, 6 liters or 10 liters storage water heater may be good enough, if a water heater is to be used in the kitchen and consumption of water is less. Heating optimum water to conserve electricity should always be your goal. Smaller water heaters equally have smaller energy losses and consequently, offer perfect water heating.

Also, bear in mind that there are a small number of models of 6 liters or 10 liters storage water heaters that are also rated at 3 kW and not 2 kW. From a power system point of view, these are again not suggested.

Bajaj, Havells, Racold, V-Guard, AO smith, Kenstar, Crompton are well-known brands with varying capacity like 10 ltr, 15 ltr, and 25 ltr. You can buy these heaters online from Amazon, Flipkart, and Snapdeal.

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