5 Reasons to Replace Your Iron with a Steamer Right Now

Ironing is, simply put, no fun at all. But wrinkle-free fabrics are a must-have, and ironing is, for most people, the traditional way to achieve that smooth look. Ironing is no longer a necessary household chore! In fact, you can get rid of your steam iron altogether—after all, once you experience the benefits of steaming instead of ironing, that old tool will just be gathering dust in its corner of the house. Check out these five reasons to switch to a Steamer today:


Ironing can take a whole afternoon. If you need to get the wrinkles out of your outfit in the morning before work or school, ironing is just too time-consuming. You have to set up the ironing board, heat the iron and work your way around tough spots like buttons and collars. Or, you have to rush out in your wrinkled shirt.

Steaming, on the other hand, takes no time at all! Steamers take mere minutes to heat up. You simply hang your clothing on the rod and steam away from the wrinkles. No time-consuming set up is required, and you don’t have to struggle to get those hard-to-reach spots!


Where ironing requires you to turn your clothes, lay them out this way or that and approach the pieces from different angles to reach all the wrinkles, steaming with your Steamer is a cinch. Watch how easy it is to get tough wrinkles out of your favorite button-down below.

Better For Clothes

Many people are unaware of the damage their irons do to their clothes. In smoothing out wrinkles, the iron is actually crushing the fragile fibers of the textiles, causing irreparable damage to the clothes and shortening their lifespan.

Your Steamer, instead of crushing the fibers to eliminate wrinkles, simply relax them, resulting in a smooth, clean look without damaging any of your favorite clothes. This means the clothes you’ve invested in will last longer and stay beautiful. Learn more about why steaming is so much better for your clothes than ironing—and see the evidence!

Longer Lasting

Jiffy’s line of clothing steamers, handcrafted here in the United States, are far superior when it comes to quality to the irons found in department and home goods stores. Even our competitors in the garment steaming industry don’t live up to our high standards for quality and craftsmanship.

That’s why we’re able to offer the best warranty in the industry. We offer incredible customer support, helping Steamer owners keep their steamers up and running for decades, and even generations, by selling all the replacement parts for our products and by replacing damaged parts right in our Union City, Tennessee factory. Instead of selling a product that our customers have to buy every couple of years, we operate on a “buy it once” philosophy!

More Uses

Irons are best for small pieces, often limited to unembellished clothing or small textiles like handkerchiefs and placemats. Your Steamer, on the other hand, can help you tackle more than just the wrinkles in your favorite suit!

You can use your steamer to de-wrinkle beaded or sequined clothing. You can smooth out your curtains and tablecloths without having to drape them awkwardly over an ironing board. You can even use our interchangeable steam head kit to tackle chores all over the house, from cleaning dirty grout and windows to lifting dents out of carpets.

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