Safety Tips While Using Water Heater at Your Home

In winters, one of the key essentials is to get a new water heater. Water Heaters & geysers are household/commercial devices; consist of a cylindrical container that keeps water hot, which you can use for bath, cooking, and laundry purposes. Even you can adjust the temperature as per your comfort level. But It requires maintenance and care to operate safely at your home.

Water Heater safety tips to keep your home safe

Select Correct Size

It is very important to make sure that you are buying the correct size of the water heater. Having too big or too small of a water heater can be a safety risk and affect the overall comfort.

Do Not Install Water Heater Yourself

It is always best to call an experienced electrician to install the water heater for you. Never try by yourself. If it is installed incorrectly, it might not be safe and cause deadly circumstances at home. 

Water Heater is Ventilated Properly

The water Heater should be ventilated properly. Make sure vents should be free of dips, they go up & out rather than up and down.

Set the Correct Temperature

For best safety & great comfort, the temperature should not be above 120 degrees.

Switch Off When Not in Use

Always switch off the water heater after taking the shower & when you are not using it, just to avoid overheating. Also, this will prevent any electrical damage and save electricity. 

Service Regularly

Keep on calling an electrician for the regular service of a water heater. Different water heater sizes & designs have different maintenance requirements.

Earthquake Straps

Strapping your water heater is a good idea, even if you live outside an earthquake zone. If your water heater were to fall over, it could sever the gas line and an explosion.

Prevent Heat Loss

By insulating, you can prevent heat loss and even protect your electric unit. Make sure to use extra-thick insulation, which will keep the water hot for a long time, and you can save your electricity.

Install a Carbon Monoxide Monitor

If you are using a gas water geyser, then you should install a carbon monoxide monitor in your home. Carbon Monoxide is very dangerous with all combustion appliances and should be protected against very seriously.

This is not an all-inclusive Safety list to consider while using a water heater at your home, but it’s a good start. If you have not purchased it, you can buy an online best water heater and best geysers in India at Bajaj Electricals at affordable prices. Equipped with modern innovations & high safety solutions. There are different types that are also available online at Bajaj electricals, i.e. storage water heater, Instant Water Heater, Gas Geysers.

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