6 Points To Consider While Buying A Sandwich Maker

Everyone tries to minimize the time for cooking and eating in present times. So what can be faster to cook than delicious sandwiches? To enhance the convenience of its cooking, a special device was invented – a special maker. We will talk today about how to choose a good electric sandwich maker.

What is a sandwich maker?

An electric sandwich maker is a kitchen appliance for cooking sandwiches with electricity.

The basic principle of a single sandwich maker’s work is that two slices of bread and between them the filling is heated on both sides with the help of a heating element, resulting in a sandwich with a warm crisp crust.

6 Points To Consider While Choosing A Sandwich Maker

1. Sandwich toaster power

The power of a home electric sandwich maker is actually the power of its heating element, the temperature, and the heating rate depending on this power.

The maker’s power range is from 640 in a mini sandwich maker to 1,400 watts in a top professional toasted sandwich maker. As in most cases, it is advisable to buy an appliance with an average power (about 750 watts).

2. The shape of the plates

Before you buy sandwich maker, you need to determine which bread form you will use more often for cooking.

Basically, the maker’s plates are arranged so that you can put a square or triangular slice of bread.

Models with the possibility of cooking half-rounded bread pieces are not as common.

In some models of makers, the heating surface is generally not divided into compartments. In such devices, it is possible to cook sandwiches of any shape.

3. The number of slices

Different devices can prepare a different number of slices. This amount depends on the sandwich maker’s size and the number of “landing places”.

For example, you can prepare two square sandwiches or four triangular in a maker with two square places.

However, more practical are models that prepare 4 square slices (respectively 8 triangular).

4. Properties of a cover

The coating of plates depends not only on the quality of cooking but also on the comfort of cleaning the device.

Since there is a healing process in the sandwich, the plates’ working surfaces should have a special non-stick coating, the same as, for example, in a multi-purpose cooker.

If the automatic sandwich maker does not have a non-stick coating – it’s better not to look at this model.

5. The presence of thermal insulation

Thermal insulation of kitchen sandwich maker helps to avoid burns in the process of cooking. At the same time, it is good if the handles band the whole maker are insulated.

Manufacturers of bread sandwich toasters, for the most part, do not forget about thermal insulation, but it is better for you to check its presence in a particular model of a maker.

6. Additional features

The main additional parameters of a sandwich toaster, which should be appreciated, are:

A panel’s blocker. This is a special latch or catch, which avoids accidental opening of the device and further unpleasant consequences during its operation.
An indicator of heating-readiness. Such an indicator can signal the on/off of the appliance, the achievement of the set temperature, or the sandwiches’ readiness.
A timer. A sandwich maker with timer helps to determine the exact time of the cooking process.
A temperature controller. This regulator may be useful if you do not want to cook, but only slightly warm the slices.


Well, I hope you will always cook the most delicious sandwiches in the best sandwich maker in the world. If you don’t own a sandwich now planning to buy one, check out our article on the best sandwich maker and check the best sandwich maker online.

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