Tips While Purching Microwave Oven- Complete Guide

Microwave ovens are considered a great kitchen appliance that helps you cook, grill, reheat and brown your cooked and raw food in a few minutes. From popcorns to pizzas, from barbeque to confectionery, from grilled fish to tender beef steak- Microwave oven serves as your perfect cooking partner in the kitchen. Not only do they make cooking efficient by reducing the time of cooking and heating but also enable you to cook without burning the food because of fixed temperature and auto shutoff system.

You must have seen a wide range of various models and features. Finding the right and affordable microwave oven in India is truly like a challenge especially when you have a certain tight budget for it. Many different brands in the market may leave you confused.  You may be torn between features and price tags. At the time of shopping, one can have hundreds of questions in mind like what should be the right size? What should be the ideal capacity? Which model and brand to choose? And so on…

There are already thousands of brands in the market, and each brand claims their products better than others- You primarily need to focus on your kitchen needs and secondly focus on the budget. To help you make the best decision, we have listed down some tips to enable you to pick the right microwave for your kitchen space. We also have added some questions you need to ask the seller while buying a new microwave oven in 2019.

Determine The Size

What should be the right size of the microwave? It might sound a very typical and unnecessary question but the size of the microwave oven should definitely be determined before you buy it. Let us make it simple for you to choose the right size. If you are buying a microwave merely for popcorn then a mid-size microwave oven is good for you. But if you are buying it for all-purpose cooking then you need to get a standard big sized microwave oven.

Another important thing to keep in mind while determining the size of a microwave is the kitchen space where you are supposed to keep the microwave. You wouldn’t like to buy an appliance that doesn’t suit your kitchen space so make sure your microwave fits in your kitchen (or any other spotted place) perfectly.

Also, if you have a big family or you are buying it for an office space where it has to be used frequently- Then you need to buy a microwave oven-sized between 17 liters to 38 liters. Check out our microwave category to pick up the one with the right size that flawlessly meets your kitchen needs.

Consider The Price

There is no doubt that the price of the product you are going to buy should be taken into account to avoid mismanagement of your budget. Before you decide to pick any particular Microwave oven, make sure to conduct good market research about their prices. The prices of the microwave oven in India are varied- majorly because of the quality and brand. Some brands are unbelievably affordable while others are extremely expensive. In such a situation, you shouldn’t consider buying an ordinary one because of low price because sometimes a cheap price tag may attract the customers to buy the product but they actually end up wasting their money on a low-quality appliance. In the same manner, some expensive appliances are not as high-quality as they should be. So one needs to be really smart before leaving for shopping. First, consider how much are you going to spend on the oven. It is wise to set your budget ahead of buying a microwave oven so that you don’t end up buying an expensive one with unnecessary features. Also, the prices of microwaves chiefly depend on their models, size, specifications and the brand.  We suggest you go through our category of microwave ovens on another page of the website for a quick view of prices and other details.

Select The brand

As discussed above, there are several brands available in the market that sell and deal in all kinds of kitchen appliances including microwave ovens. Before you buy a microwave oven for your kitchen, you need to select the brand and your selection depends firstly on the budget and secondly on your market research. You can either make frequent visits to different markets of the city or check online on a local retail website like shop.bajaj. The top brands currently available in the market include Orient, SG, Haier, Dawlance and Homepage. You may pick the one that best suits your requirements and budget. If you have a low budget but still you want to buy a big microwave oven with all the advanced features then you can opt for SG microwave ovens or Orient microwave ovens. On the other hand, if your budget is a bit high then you can go for dawlance microwave ovens as they are reliable and come with all the high tech features one looks for in a modern-day microwave oven. All the above-mentioned brands provide microwaves at various prices ranging from 8000 PKR to 15000 PKR  depending on the sizes, capacity, and features.

Pick Design And color

Who doesn’t want to make their home or workplace look elegant and pleasing to eyes? Surely everyone does. And one needs to be really picky while selecting a home and kitchen appliances for their place. When it comes to buying a microwave oven for your kitchen space, always go for one that stands out with the overall interior of your kitchen. It will be great if you pick the design that compliments the design of your kitchen and chooses the color that matches the paint of the walls. With the advancement in technology, everything has become smarter and sleeker than ever. You can find various chic designs and colors in microwave ovens either.  Brands like Dawlance, Orient, and SG offer an extensive range of Innovatively designed microwave ovens that perfectly and flawlessly compliment the look of your Kitchen space.

Run Over The Features

Different microwaves come with different Features. The features of the microwave oven are truly an important factor and one shouldn’t avoid to consider them while shopping. Normally, a good microwave oven comes with basic options like regular defrosting and heating systems alongside various advanced features including bake, grill, turntables, preheat functions, auto shut off, child lock, auto cook, power settings options, and digital timers, etc. Therefore, one should buy a product according to their needs and preferences. You can also run over the list of features before buying it. The list of features is usually mentioned on the box of the oven or you can simply ask the seller about the features of the model you choose.

Find Out Online Deals

Who doesn’t love Discounts? Certainly, everyone does! And there’s nothing bad in saving a few bucks on your favorite goods when there is some deal or sale on them. Many big retailers and online shopping stores offer it’s customers massive deals and discounts on a wide range of home and kitchen appliances. If you are looking for a microwave oven but you are short on cash, then you should probably wait for seasonal sale events to stop by your favorite online stores and grab a microwave oven at the amazingly discounted price.

Keep roving internet for great kitchen appliance deals to save bigger. It is important to understand that some online stores don’t sell the quality product during sale occasions so one needs to be really smart while choosing the online store in India. A reliable retailer like shop.bajaj provides it’s Customers an opportunity to avail stunning deals and discounts on all their favorite consumer goods brands in India. To stay updated about deals on microwave ovens, you can follow bajaj official pages on Facebook an Instagram.

Buy Affordable And Reliable Microwave Ovens Online

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