Water Heater Buying Guide – 2020

India is famous for its extreme weather conditions; as we are well versed with the changing temperatures, it’s always better to be fully equipped to sustain these climate changes.

Although we love the winter season, we should definitely hand it down to the man who invented water heaters to help us shower in the cold, chilling winters of India. The rattling of teeth and the shivering body can only be stopped by a warm, relaxing bath. That’s where our hero, “water heater” comes in.

While buying a water heater there are some basic questions which cross your mind, don’t worry we’ve got it covered.

Want to know how a water heater works?

A typical Electrical water heater works on a simple mechanism, a electric heating unit is connected to a 220- volt circuit. To warm up the water, the current is allowed to pass through a certain electrical-resistant heating element which is fixed in the middle of the tank. Power is delivered through a thermostat, which controls the water temperature.

We have a new way of getting hot water without worrying about the increasing electricity charges i.e. Solar water heater. The solar water heating system works on the principle of the thermosyphon process and forced circulation. It uses Solar energy and can give up to 50-70C * hot water. The core of an ETC Solar water heater is a solar collector basically in the form of tubes and a storage tank. The evacuated tube acts as an absorber in the solar water heater and an evacuated tube consists of two glass tubes having a vacuum in between which is an excellent insulator. The incident solar radiation falling on the tube passes through the outer transparent tube and strikes the outer surface of the inner tube. It absorbs heat energy and then passes to the cold water flowing in the tube. Thus a solar collector is one that turns the sun’s radiation into heat. A storage tank is exactly what it sounds like; It holds the water. An evacuated tube technology based solar water heating system is the most energy-efficient and cost-effective.

What are the types of water heaters available in the market?

Who doesn’t love options? Even in the niche sector of water heaters, there are a lot of options available in the market for you to choose from. Depending on your needs and convenience, you can shop for a suitable water heater.

1. Storage water heaters (6 Litres and above)

The most basic and classic forms of water heaters are Storage Water heaters. They are widely used for domestic purposes. The reason behind it being called storage water heaters is because of the storage tank installed inside the appliance. It can store hot water for a significant period of time even without electricity and thus allowing for usage as and when required.

You can also browse through our storage water heater products and choose a suitable model for your home and work.

2. Instant Water heaters (1-3 Litres)

Instant water heaters are high powered appliances that heat water instantly. These types of water heaters are very compact and are suitable for smaller bathrooms & kitchens where space is a constraint.

3. Solar water heaters

Solar water heaters are environment friendly which fulfills its purpose and also helps us promote sustainability. They convert renewable solar energy into heat by using the solar thermal collector. The range available here are:

4. Gas water heaters

Gas water heaters are the ones that run on LPG. They get their supply through gas pipelines/cylinders and they are highly energy efficient. They are lighter in weight and are very cost-effective too.

5. Immersion heater rods

This aboriginal technology of using heater rods and not an appliance is a convenient & useful method for heating water. Thanks to its compact size, immersion heater rods can be easily accommodated in storing places or cabinets. It is designed for quick heating, consist of a hanging hook, an Indication light for safe operation, and also has a water level indicator, what more would one want?

What specific factors should you consider while buying a water heater?

Buying a water heater is no rocket science, but there are some specific factors that one needs to remember while investing in one.

a) Size of the family

Your daily water requirement is one of the main factors that should decide the capacity of your water heater. Given below is a rough idea of the capacities required for average use. Please note that this is indicative as capacities vary according to water usage patterns, inlet water temperature, and weather conditions.

Capacity Criteria
6-10L 2 person per bathroom
15L 1 – 2 person per bathroom in a cold climatic location
15L or more 3 – 4 person per bathroom
25L 3 – 4 person per bathroom in a cold climatic location
35L or more More than 4 people, bathtubs
Instant water heater Kitchen, mild hot water requirement

b) Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency products are good for your pockets and our environment. So, it’s a smart option to go with water heaters which are less power consuming and highly efficient. The energy efficiency of the water heater is indicated by its energy star rating i.e. higher the rating, the higher the energy efficiency of the product.

c) After-sales service

Water heaters are sensitive appliances and must be taken care of and maintained regularly. It is very important to have good after-sales service support to repair the geysers in case of damage.

d) Water type

Many people underestimate the damage caused by hard water to your water heaters. Hard water contains high levels of mineral salts like calcium and magnesium. The minerals present in hard water can cause scaling. Over a period of time, this starts interfering with the efficiency of the water heaters.

e) Pressure pump compatibility

Pressure pump applications for water heaters are required in case of high rise building. Most water heaters available in the market are prone to leak when exposed to high water pressure. Bajaj’s range of water heaters has high pressure withstanding capacity (up to 8kg/cm2) which ensures that they are pressure pump/high rise building compatibility.

f) Stylish

Who said essential appliances can’t be pretty? A perfect water heater is the one which does its job with the utmost efficiency and also ups the ante of your bathroom. So while investing in a good water heater, do pay heed to your aesthetic sense too.

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